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The Best Fleet Management Systems Comparison

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Fleet management software is a solution that helps organizations to organize their vehicles and the goal is to reduce costs and ensure compliance with regulations, as well as collecting, processing and reporting on information. Finding a fleet management software is a hard task, as there dozens of options, each with a ton of features, accessories, and websites but the end, we are looking for the same traits: a reliable system for tracking fuel use in real time, and logging the hours of service in order to comply with ELD. The Telematics is a category that deals with transmission of information, and data can be collected from gas pump processors, financial firms and insurance companies, so check out our top recommended solutions.


We’ve done the research and this article sums up the best companies in 2019, robust systems with intuitive interfaces and a support team. They help fleet management businesses plan routes, but they must know how they work, so here it is.


  1. MyRouteOnline

It’s a route solution that converts an Excel file into a plan shared via GPS, creating several routes with maximum duration and optimizing them by the fastest. This software is used for deliveries, telecommunication, courier, inspections, real estate, snow plowing, pool cleaning, and pest control and has an average overall ease of use and customer service. It’s the best program and service due to its features & value for money, so we recommend it for its best features: bulk entering, keeping previous saved routes and the quick and easy ways to do the things you might need.

  1. Stream Check

The software helps organizations prolong the lives of their equipment, ensure that the vehicles are operational in order to deliver output when they are sent to the field and secure the safety of the general public. Stream Check is fleet maintenance management software that has a great user satisfaction due to its pricing, integrations and other benefits, as well as technical details such as automating the management tasks. It’s perfect for all sizes and helps you make sure that you have satisfied the standards and are safe, no matter how big, as it is designed to cater to basic requirements of maintenance.


  1. Samsara Software

The GPS collects data on vehicle performance and fuel waste to the managers, combining ‘Hours of Service’ with other sensors in the vehicle for HoS logging, offering thus a device with year license that includes technical support for trucks and delivery vehicles. Samsara is a fleet management solution that offers GPS tracking, dashboard camera, dispatch and more, helping midsize business operators track the location and monitor their drivers in order to stay complaint with FMCSA. It is a great system you won’t have issues with, keeping a signal so that the driver stays logged in, and it also has a better dashboard of features than other systems.


  1. Verizon Connect

Its stand out features include driver coaching tools, automated alerts, order delivery, detour tracking, as well as updating in real time.

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